Our state of the art 16 week training plan combines aerobic exercise, strength training, and mental toughness training. The workouts will be posted on the easy to use Addaero training platform where you will be able to access your daily workouts and tips. You will also be able to log your workouts and track your daily pain. A coach will oversee your training and be available for your consultations.

  • Fitness enhancing interval training
  • Posture and movement assessment
  • Nutritional information to help with recovery and fueling for workouts
  • Motivational and mental tips
  • Sport specific drills and skills to hone your technique and dial in efficiency
  • Strength exercises to improve functional strength and decrease muscle imbalances

You will receive:

16 week training plan

Eight 30 minute consultations

Copy of The Champion Mindset: An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness by Joanna Zeiger, Ph.D.

Four easy steps!

  1. Sign up
  2. Fill out our comprehensive questionnaire to determine which training plan matches your chronic pain and physical fitness levels.
  3. Get your training plan!
  4. Contact our team to set up your consultations, a chance to review your training progress and develop your mental toughness skills.


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