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“Whether you’re a bonafide triathlete or just trying to hold a plank the full 60 seconds, you know mindset can make or break your fitness goals. So what sets the people who succeed apart from the people who don’t? The answer lies in this book, with tips on prepping your mind for whatever you want to achieve. You got this.”



Publisher’s Weekly: A Winning Combination: Health & Fitness Books 2017

“In The Champion Mindset, professional triathlete and biostatistics consultant Joanna Zeiger (St. Martin’s, Feb. 2017) outlines steps toward overcoming the mental hurdles to athletic achievement. She uses herself as an example, detailing her progress from novice swimmer to Olympian and Ironman champion.


 The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Alumni Magazine


Triathlete MagazineDeveloping Race Day Grit


TriRating by Thorsten Radde: Joanna Zeiger: The Champion Mindset

“Joanna has written a practical, readable and often personal guide on how to mentally approach your training and racing. She explores setting goals, letting others help you while keeping ownership, confidence, strategies during the race to achieve mind/body cohesion, overcoming obstacles and finding meaning. She presents the science behind the issues and discusses different strategies to deal with “roadblocks” on your way to better results. The book gives you a ton of ideas to think about. After Joanna was kind enough to send me an early copy, I’ve often referred to the book, both for myself and in chatting with some Professional athletes about the challenges they face. I’m sure that any athlete will benefit from the strategies and approaches discussed and that the book will give you pragmatic strategies to change your behavior in training and racing.”



“”[A] helpful, easy-to-read guide. Sure to appeal to endurance competitors, this will also be helpful to coaches and anyone interested in improving mental preparation to gain a competitive edge on or off the field.”


Tim Carlson for Slowtwitch: Building the Mind of a Champion

“If you want to develop the mental toughness of a champion, it would be hard to find a better guide than Joanna Zeiger.”


Hilary Topper for A Triathlete’s Training Diary

“I just finished reading The Champion Mindset – An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness by Joanna Zeiger, Ph.D. and I can tell you this was a book worth buying because it focuses on the one thing that we hardly focus on, our negative thoughts!”