The Athlete PEACE Survey

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Hello! I am a Boulder based Olympian and former World Champion in triathlon. I now spend my time doing sport science research in athletes. My previous study on mental toughness in endurance athlete can be found here: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/authors?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0193071 If you are interested in learning about your mental toughness, I created a quiz based on the results of that study: http://sisu.racereadycoaching.com I am currently the lead investigator for The Athlete PEACE Survey. Our aims are to … Continue reading

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Aliens, intercostal neuralgia, rib surgery: a chest wall story

A few months after my 2009 bike accident, I started to notice some swelling on my side below my 11th rib. Time passed and nobody could determine the cause of this painful protrusion. I dubbed it The Alien. I was certain that at some point a hand would push its way through my skin and some kind of strange creature would pop out. Since my life is not a Sci-fi movie, nothing so interesting happened. … Continue reading

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JZ and Dr. Grail: A tale of a quest

I have been dealing with this rib injury for 2 years and 8 months. At some point during that time frame it became evident there was dysfunction in the rib and it would not heal without surgical intervention. I hunkered down with my father and began a quest to find a surgeon who was willing and able to fix my rib. And, who doesn’t love a good quest? One of my favorite films in high … Continue reading

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The shoulder surgery list

The Top 10 When bad things happen, it is always a good idea look at the positives and not just the negatives to make the situation more bearable. In deference to David Letterman I have compiled two lists. From the home office in Boulder, CO: “JZ’s Top 10 positive and negative things about recovering from shoulder surgery”. POSITIVES Walking around with a sling and a sad look garners sympathy from strangers Banned from housework No … Continue reading

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