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When I first got injured, my main objective was information gathering. I wanted to understand the nature of my injuries and how to fix them. It was obvious from the start that the answers to those two questions were complex; what was not at all obvious was that 8 years later, even though I now know the nature of my injuries, I would still be trying to “fix” the injuries. Early on, doctors all asked … Continue reading

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The Desert Allegory

Imagine you have to walk through the desert to get to much needed water. Imagine that the shoes on your feet are a size too small. They were super cute when you bought them, but suddenly, when you most need them, you realize they just don’t fit right (don’t you hate that?), but they were expensive, so you keep them. And now you’re stuck. At first, when you start your journey, the too small shoes … Continue reading

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Kinesio tape and fairy dust

I have been dealing with my rib injury for nearly two years. I have come to view this injury as a chronic condition, not unlike my asthma. It is with me all the time. It must be managed on a daily basis. Most of the time, the injury lingers in the background, but then when I least expect it, the injury flares up with vigor and I have trouble breathing and the pain level soars. … Continue reading

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One year later

 It has been one year since I last competed in a triathlon. It is hard to believe how slowly and how quickly time has passed. My last race was Lake Stevens 70.3. It was not a banner day. Despite the pain from my rib injury, I hobbled through the race. I knew at the time that it would be my last triathlon for a long while, so I decided that I would finish slowly rather … Continue reading

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Fantasy vs. Reality

Yesterday’s race did not unfold as planned. Who really ever plans not to finish? But, if I am being honest with myself and to you, the outcome was not entirely surprising. I have been battling lingering rib issues since the crash in November. The exact nature of the problem is still to be determined, but my rib cage is rotated and is therefore protruding and perhaps pressing on my diaphragm. I have not ignored this … Continue reading

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Pain is subjective

Pain is a nebulous concept; it differs from person to person, can last an hour or years, and it is so hard to quantify. In December, I wrote about my experience with pain directly following the crash. What I did not anticipate was the transformation from an acute pain to chronic pain. My decision to race Galveston was questioned by many (including my very concerned mother who thinks I need a lobotomy). In my defense, … Continue reading

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