Injuries suck

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I often tell my athletes that not every race can be about obtaining a personal best. Some races are merely stepping stones to other races, because nothing gives us the information we need about how our bodies will handle racing in the way that doing a race does. With that in mind, I toed the line yesterday at the Colorado Half Marathon in Ft. Collins. I had one objective and that was to get a … Continue reading

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Keep moving

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written an update about my rib health. Since my accident in 2009, I have been very forthright about the treatments, pain, and how the injury has affected my general well-being. With all that I have been through, the last 6 months have undeniably been the hardest; writing about the continued pain, the struggles I have undergone to alleviate the pain, and what the constant nagging pain has done … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a comeback

Americans love comeback stories. Tales of cranky, washed up, fallen from grace athletes have been Hollywood fodder for years (my favorite is “The Champ”, the first movie that made me cry. And, how cute was Ricky Schroeder). What constitutes a comeback? Athletes suffer injuries regularly. I think it must be written in the preamble of the Athlete’s Constitution: If you train you will pay the consequences with some type of bodily harm. Since injuries are … Continue reading

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