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It’s been quite some time since I’ve written an update about my rib health. Since my accident in 2009, I have been very forthright about the treatments, pain, and how the injury has affected my general well-being. With all that I have been through, the last 6 months have undeniably been the hardest; writing about the continued pain, the struggles I have undergone to alleviate the pain, and what the constant nagging pain has done … Continue reading

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Surgery recap

Instead of a race report, I am writing a surgery report. It’s almost the same thing. I met my parents in Minneapolis last Monday. On Tuesday, we went to clinic to meet the surgeon for the first time. His easy going demeanor instantly relaxed us. And let me tell you, I was feeling far from relaxed. Despite the knowledge that this surgery was imperative, and despite the knowledge that I was in capable hands, I … Continue reading

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